How to Interview Your Favorite Creators

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Hey there, fellow creator enthusiasts! 🎉

Ever wondered how to have heart-to-heart conversations with the creators you admire on your very own podcast? I've been grinding since July 2019, learning the ropes and connecting with some super cool people multiple times, bringing over 35 episodes to life. Now, I'm spilling all the secrets in my book “How to Interview Your Favorite Creators”.

Here's what you're getting:

  • Setting Up Your Podcast: Straight talk on setting up your podcast from scratch with insights that matter.
  • Reaching Out to Creators: I'll teach you how to reach out to your favorite creators without breaking a sweat.
  • Growing Your Audience: Learn the tricks to grow an audience that's as passionate about your content as you are.
  • Equipment and Software: Get the lowdown on the gear and software that will take your podcast to the next level.

And here's the kicker: I'm giving this treasure trove away for FREE! Just put '0' in the “pay what you want” field and it's all yours, no strings attached!

But wait, there's more! This isn't just a one-off deal. I'll keep updating the book with new knowledge and experiences. So when you grab your copy now, you'll automatically get all future updates for FREE! Yeah, you'll be growing right alongside me!

Ready to kickstart your podcasting journey with a buddy by your side? Grab your copy and take the first step towards creating a podcast that resonates!


“If you’re looking to turn your online passion into a profession, I can think of few better role models than Oren Cohen, whose creativity, tenacity, and persistence have landed him interviews with some real hotshots — and also me.” - Sam Reich, Dropout CEO

"Speaking from experience, Oren is excellent at making his interviewees feel relaxed; which leads to open, engaging and honest dialogues. You could not find a better example to follow in the footsteps in." - DeepBlueInk

"In the ever-expansive online world of Content Creation, there are many sources of help or inspiration one can look towards. But there's a VERY good reason why the list of Oren's Interview Guests has so many stellar names on it - he is the Dictionary Definition of building your passion projects into a Career. We all say "I wish I could go full time with my content creation! Oren's wisdom contained within the pages of this book will help you make that dream a reality. I guarantee it." - Patch Kelly, Quest Junkies

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How to Interview Your Favorite Creators

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